Social Media Management

If you’d like to use Social Media to build your business or author platform, but just don’t know where to start or you’re dreading the amount of time it will take… we can help.

We can set up your accounts for you and then talk you through how to manage them, including how to automate your posts.

If you’ve already got some Social Media accounts but you’re not sure exactly what, where or how and it all feels a bit of a muddle – we can rationalise it all for you, tidy everything up, advise on what to keep and what delete. We’ll then hand it over to you with a clear structure in place so you know what you’ve got, where you’ve got it, why you’ve got it and how to access it.

Or we can handle it ALL for you; set up and/or rationalisation (if needed) and then daily management of your posts on all relevant platforms, including re-tweeting, liking, following, sharing etc. We’ll develop a strategy, research the content and post if on your behalf, we’ll look for relevant people to connect with and we’ll engage with them, we’ll keep you posted on questions and conversations you should be aware of, and we’ll increase your followers and likes to help you reach a much larger audience.

In short – we’ll do everything. But… do remember that Social Media works best with some input from you, so we’d like to chat with you on a weekly or fortnightly basis and encourage you to login and look at your accounts (we can talk you through how to do this and what to look for).

Social Media can be a powerful tool for your business, and for authors it’s a great way to build your platform (and attract a publisher) – but it does require daily effort.

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