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A few more things you might like to know about Panpathic Communications and its founder Chantal Cooke

Marketing Your Business – The Book

Chantal’s new book, ‘The Authority Guide to Marketing Your Business Book’ is part of the ‘Authority Guide to’ series of business books. It is published 11th May 2016.

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Marketing Your Business
Passion for the Planet

PASSION for the PLANET – The Radio Station

Chantal Cooke is also co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET – the UK’s first ethical radio station. Launched in 2002 the station focuses on your health and your environment, and plays music from around the world. Tune in via PASSION for the PLANET where you can enjoy an online resource with 100s of expert interview podcasts and articles to help you live a full, ethical and rewarding life.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Our Ethics

At Panpathic our passion is communication and getting results for our clients. But we have a fluffy, cuddly side too. We love animals and the environment – and we want to help protect them both now and for future generations. We donate every month to a number of charities including RSPB, WWF, Viva! Cruelty Free International, and the RSPCA.

In addition, we recycle our paper and other waste, print on scrap paper when appropriate, give unwanted office furniture etc. away to charity or on Freecycle. The offices are thoroughly insulated so require only minimal heating (only when it gets really cold!) and we don’t need air conditioning (unless you count opening the doors and windows in the summer). We buy recycled and/or Fairtrade products where available and do our best to keep our energy consumption as low as possible (it makes business and environmental sense). We are always looking for new ways to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

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In 2009 Chantal was appointed a London Leader in Sustainability by the Sustainable Development Commission, with approval from the office of London’s Mayor.

London Leader in Sustainability


Chantal is an engaging and informative speaker and is regularly asked to speak at events and conferences.

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