About Us

Panpathy: (noun) “a thought or feeling shared by all”

Panpathic Communications is a boutique PR agency specialising in promoting small businesses and authors.

We’re passionate about what we do. And we’re 100% results focused. Are you? Then we’d love to work with you.

Our Managing Director Chantal Cooke is an award winning journalist; writing for national newspapers and magazines and can regularly be heard on the radio, including the station she co-founded – PASSION for the PLANET. This makes Panpathic Communications unique. It’s not that we “used to be journalists”, in our case many of the team still are. We believe this is important; every industry changes (even if that change is very subtle) so if you leave an industry it’s not long before you are out of date and working with assumptions rather than facts.

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How we work

When engaging a PR or Social Media agency it’s always useful to understand how they work, exactly what they will be doing on your behalf, what you can expect from them and what they will need from you.

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What's in it for me?

When you’re thinking about spending money with a supplier ‘what’s in it for me?’ is not an unreasonable question to ask. You want to know what you’ll get. And that’s what makes Panpathic different – we’ll guarantee to get you coverage. Or your next month is free!

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