Our Guarantee

Panpathic Communications guarantees at least one piece of coverage per month (unless agreed otherwise). If we fail to achieve coverage then you don’t pay for the following month. If, after three months, there has been no coverage then your payment will be refunded. The guarantee only stands if you have delivered articles on time and on topics that we have agreed, have met journalist deadlines and briefs, and have not sabotaged potential coverage.

Coverage is defined as any coverage that we have had to ‘sell in’ to a journalist. In other words, where we cannot control whether the outlet published it or not.

Sometimes coverage can be generated in one month but will not appear until the following month (in the case of print magazines in particular) – this will still count as coverage in the month that the press release was distributed.

The guarantee does not apply if your fees are not paid in full and on time, or if you fail to deliver material on time or miss journalist deadlines.

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